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After independence our great leaders thought of developing our industries. Without industries our country could not make progress. Therefore, plans were made to set up basic industries. Steel is the base of all heavy machinery and big steel plants were set up under the five-year plans. Now our country stands tenth in the industrialized countries of the world.

Still India Have to Run Millions of Miles Ahead With the Vision, R&D, technology Innovation & Implying 21st century management to Become Largest Economy of the World & For that India Must Have to concentrate on Industrialization.

The dream of Industrialization can’t complete without the Infrastructure like Basic Utility, Professional Approach on Project Consultancy & Management Services, technical Expertise on Industrial Shedding, Porta cabin, Labor camp, landscape, Industrial Interior etc…

Infrastructure is the Heart of Any industry Development Like..

Mineral Based Industries , Iron and Steel Industries, Railway Coach Factories Railway Engines , Electronics , Automobiles , Aero planes ,Heavy Electricals Industries ,Fertilizers , Oil Refineries , Cement , Ships , Agro-Based Industries, Cotton Textile Industry, Woolen Textile Industry , Jute Industry ,Artificial Fiber Textile Industry ,Silk Textile Industries , Sugar Industry ,Paper Industry.

Infrastructure improve the Quality of society & people Life in every sector like Investment sector, Health sector, Transportation, Highways, Mass Transit, Airport, Waste Management, Municipal waste facilities, hotel, tourism, Police stations, courts, prisons, Fire Stations, Hospitals, Attributes of human habitat, Safety, Recreation, Aesthetics, Economic Opportunity, Increased, air quality, Reduced pollution & accidents, Increased accessibility & employment, Reduced viral


Importance of Infrastructure

i) Rapid growth of industry & income

The first and the foremost argument in favor of infrastructure is that it can provide a base for rapid growth of Industry & income. It is because of the fact that that productivity rates are higher in industry than in agriculture. It is also seen that the Industrialized nations have a high per ca-pita income.

ii) Employment

With the increasing population agriculture is unable to provide for employment. Hence it is very important to set up industries to absorb this surplus labor. Hence industries can solve the problem of unemployment.

iii) Exploitation of resources

Infrastructure is capable of utilizing all the resources present in the economy. They can even make use of scraps and waste materials.

iv) Foreign exchange

India cannot earn adequate foreign exchange from the exports of its primary products. It is because of the fact that the demand for such products is very low in other countries. Industrial infrastructure expertise Services, Manpower & other Services exports need to be added to the primary products.

v) Development of agriculture

the requirements of agriculture are met by the industries in large. Agriculture requires improved farm machinery, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It also requires storage and transport facilities. All these are adequately provided by our own industries & infrastructures.

vi)Balanced development

Ours is an unbalanced economy. Our greater dependence on agriculture has made us poor. With the industrialization in the economy this disparity can be removed. If agriculture is the backbone of the economy, infrastructure & industry is the energy.

vii) Self-sustained growth

The rapid development of capital goods industries promote the growth of agriculture, transport and communication. It also enables the country to produce a variety of consumer goods in large quantities and at low costs. It also eliminates our dependence on other countries for the supply of essential goods.

Due to this Importance & Potentiality of Infrastructure & industrialization Earth Acquirer manufacturing of all kind of Domestic & industrial sheds, Porta Cabin, Canopy, awning, Labor Camp, tensile structures, insect screens, umbrellas and tents with variety of colors, sizes and fabrics. Along with that Earth Acquirer Provide Services Like Pre Engineering Buildings & All Kind of Civil Work, Project Consultancy & Management Services, Industrial Interior Design, Planning & Execution, Garden Development & Maintenance Since Last twelve Years. Earth Acquirer is theGujarat Largest Infrastructure Developer Company & Really Earth Acquirer & its Team Feel Proud to be Part of Indian Economy.


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