project consultant & Management Services

Project Consultant & Management managment & consulting services   Earth Acquirer Corporation is a leading Engineering, Project Management and Construction   Company that provides services across India and beyond. With over a decade of rich experience in the   industry and a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, we have successfully executed projects across   We have a clear focus on the needs of our clients and work to constantly deliver projects on time and   within budget. Our clients have a responsive and transparent relationship with us, while we solve all   their construction challenges.   We Deal In projects in sectors such as residential, commercial, technology parks, hotels, industrial,   institutional and infrastructure. An extraordinary team of people, we are empowered to deliver the best   projects safely and efficiently, while constantly redefining industry best practice.   We are currently delivering some of the most inspiring projects while finding optimal solutions to   complex challenges in the construction & Infastructure industry. In every role, from consultant and   manager to contractor, and in every sector, from residential, commercial, institutional to offices and   places of worship, our dynamic teams strive to find better ways of working every day.