Luxurious Facades,Roofs & Interior Design

Luxurious Facades,Roofs & Interior Design


In much the same way people judge a book by its cover; people often judge a building by its facade. The building’s facade is the first thing you see before entering the building, and in many cases, it’s the last thing you see upon exiting. The type of facade an architect chooses plays a big part in how you conceive of the building as a structure.

Commercial businesses use different building exterior types than family homes. Rather than present a comfortable, homey look required in residential homes, commercial buildings need to be durable and look professional. There are many types of exteriors for commercial buildings, varying based on durability and material as well as the look of the design.

When it comes to creating impressive, high-performance building facades Pro Aluminum offers a range of options.

Typically this includes curtain-walling systems, flush glazing, shop front systems and sun louver systems. We assemble and install curtain walling systems to create impressive yet practical facades, providing designers with the flexibility to create high-performance solutions.

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